Day 100: Because I Didn’t Think I Would Get This Far [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

Holy crap. I’ll be a horse’s uncle. Day 100. Wow. Shit. That’s what’s up. I don’t have to start the day number with a zero anymore! I’d like to take yet another moment to thank all of you for humoring me the last hundred days. I also need to remind you/myself that we are far from done. There’s still 269 days to go. But this is still a nice checkpoint to look back and reflect. Remember that time I thought my heart was going to explode? That was weird. Remember when I wore my underwear backwards? Yeah, me too. Remember when I wrote that list? That happened a lot. And guess what, it’s going to happen again. Like, right now. LISTS!

5) Top 5 Easiest Subjects

5) Top 5 Lists
4) Bev of the Week
3) Willy
2) Top 5 Top 5 Lists
1) Friday Thought

To be honest, there really isn’t a subject that’s inherently easier than the other. It really just depends on what mindset I wake up with or what my stimulus is throughout the day.

4) Top 5 Favorite Posts

5) Let’s Take The Train Home
4) Willy Gets Some Fresh Air
3) That Skyline Lovin’
2) Still
1) Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

This was actually really difficult to come up with. My favorite posts don’t always coincide with my most popular and it shows. Combined, the 5 only garnered 126 hits. A few of them were well below average. Not sure why I care about stats, but here we are.

3) Top 5 Subjects That I Plan To Write About In The Next 269 Days

5) A think-piece about onions
4) An explanation as to why Willy is not white trash
3) Songs that were more famous than their movies [I also need to come up with a better title]
2) More Ad Nauseous and Phantom Songs
1) Statement Stories: Memoirs that are centered around a single charge on my credit card statement

I’m actually really excited about Statement Stories. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since the inception of BfD and there’s no time like the present. Problem is, my Amex statements only go back a year. So I’m going to start requesting old statements from random months and trying to juice a story out of them. Gulp.

2) Top 5 Worst Posts

5) It’s Easier To Create Under The Gun
4) I’d Rather Be Asleep
3) Top 5 Goodfellas Quotes That I Use Regularly
2) I Think That I’m Thankful
1) I’d Rather Feel Like A Human Again

This was also surprisingly difficult. Although even I will admit that some of my posts are just mindless filler. It should also be noted that all five of these posts were written on panicky days. So let it be known: panic attacks stifle creativity!

1) Top 5 New Photos In My Camera Roll






What can I say? 90sWWE and Mile 69 Club were on point this week. If you’re not following them on Instagram, you’re doing life wrong.

Have an improper week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee