Day 050: Willy Gets Some Fresh Air

It was almost daylight when The Fat Man went to sleep. He’s been going to bed much later these days. Or the sun has been rising earlier. Or both. He’s been really stressed out lately. He doesn’t seem like himself. So Willy has been giving him more space. He only emerges from the bed when Mom is about to come home. It’s not that he’s hiding down there, he just doesn’t like seeing The Fat Man sad.

Willy relishes in the magic hours. When he has the house to himself and the world is at peace. But on this particular morning, the window was left wide open. The Fat Man must’ve been sweaty again. On the rare occasion that the window stays open, Willy can lay on the sill and watch the world wake up. There’s not much to see, but he’s never had much to see. Real activity would surely startle him.

The fresh air hadn’t felt that good in a while. He could feel the breeze making its way through his fur, feeling especially cold on the bald spot on his back. It made him shiver slightly, but he became accustomed to it. As soon as he could make out the brick building in his eyesight, he could start hearing the world rise to action. The few birds that were left sat on the roof and made calls. He could hear trucks in the distance. The early rising people dragging their feet across the courtyard pavement.

A new day was starting. One that’s just like the one before. And the one before. But at least Willy got some fresh air. It’s always a rare treat. In full daylight, the normal daily routine occurred outside and he became bored with it. He meanders around the apartment as time passes. Eats a little bit of food. Makes a little poop. Plays with his new toy. Same as it ever was. At some point, The Fat Man staggered to the bathroom. On his way back to bed, Willy did his usual routine of playing with his feet. Except The Fat Man has slippers now, so he doesn’t play along as much. Today is no exception.

The sun was high in the sky when Mom started stirring in bed. He leaped from the couch to go to her. She was already laying on her side, face buried in her phone. Willy jumped up and laid on top of her for a while. This is also one of Willy’s favorite times of day. When he can just lay on her and bond for a little while. He rubbed his face against her cheek and she chuckled. He hopes that she can stay home all day and hang out. They don’t do that much anymore. It’d be nice.

After a while, she turned to wake up The Fat Man. She seemed to be really excited about something. None of his business, he assumed. Willy jumps off and heads back to the windowsill. There was suddenly a lot of commotion outside. Cars were honking, people were clapping and yelling. He’s heard this kind of calamity before, but it sounded different today. And of course, given his vantage point he couldn’t see any of the action. His ears stayed perked, as he curiously waited for something to see.

Mom and The Fat Man came out to join him and turned on the TV. Same people talking as it has been the last few days. They watched videos on their phones and showed them to each other. The Fat Man started crying, but it was not like his usual crying. It was more like the crying that he did last week, when he was watching all the grass on TV. He was smiling. He seemed happy, just like the people outside that he can’t see. Willy turned back to the window and The Fat Man took a picture of him. Annoyed, Willy jumped down and started playing with his new toy again. He hates getting his picture taken, but they always insist.

Suddenly, Willy heard a bag shaking. He knows just the one. Not only is it time for treats, but he’s getting them while the sun is still up! He wondered what the meaning of such an occasion was, but he didn’t question it. Upon first sniff, Willy rubbed his face into The Fat Man’s hand. Savor the moment. He quickly ate five treats and then the sixth fell underneath the coffee table. Willy used his arm and paw to roll it back over to him and ate it without thinking twice. Now he’s all hyped up. He ran over to the scratching post and gave it some hearty swats.

Willy went back to the windowsill to get more fresh air. It’s a lot warmer than it was earlier. The noise outside wasn’t relenting and frankly, it’s a good change of pace. There was even some music playing in the distance. Willy laid his head down and let the sun shine on him. It doesn’t seem like Mom is going anywhere today. Life, as it always seems to him, is good.

– TeeCoZee