248 Words About Clayton Kershaw’s Perfect 7 Innings

Kershaw’s career ERA is 2.48, so I have to keep this short. Just like the outing he had yesterday: short. He threw 7 perfect innings off of 80 pitches and 13 strikeouts. And then Dave Roberts gave him the hook. 24 hours later, the internet is still ablaze with hatred towards this decision. It’s cowardly. It’s bad for the game. It ruined a career-defining moment.

And to that, I say: Clayton Kershaw didn’t need a career-defining moment. He just needed to remind himself and everyone that he’s okay. He needed to find his stuff and have a good outing.

We forget about the last time we saw him pitch. It wasn’t in the postseason. It was a 1.2 inning outing where he got shelled by the Brewers. He was shut down for the season with an injury that’s been nagging him for a very long time. Many thought he would require lengthy surgery and that we would never see him pitch in Dodger Blue again.

Seeing him come out to pitch for the Dodgers in the first week of the season, in sub-40° weather was nothing short of a miracle. To have him throw like he did was only an added bonus to an already glorious day. From his demeanor, you could tell that he didn’t care about getting the hook. It was too cold and too early in the season. A perfect game would be amazing, but Dodger fans got something even better.

They got their ace back.

– TeeCoZee