301 Words About Colin’s Lunch

It still looks as good as it did last night. A salmon fillet with a walnut crust (he would’ve preferred pistachios, but if you’re already springing for salmon, you can’t also splurge on the crust) with a salad of corn, bell peppers (green, other colors are pricey) and black beans. Picture-perfect and made lovingly by Erin. Although if asked, he will absolutely take credit. No reason. Some people want to watch the world burn. Others just like being congratulated.

As he starts eating, Steve walks in.

“Hey, that looks good! You make it?”


“Very cool. Hey! If anyone asks you where the Daisy 301 is, I don’t have it”

“But do you have it?”

“Good question!“

“What’s a Daisy 301?”

“You gaff boys crack me up!”

Before he could question further, Steve is gone. Whatever. He takes a savoring bite and Mark walks in.

“Hey man, have you seen the Daisy 301?”

“What’s that?”

“Good one. See ya.”

Mark disappears. A message plays over the intercom:

If anyone has seen the Daisy 301, please report to the 4th floor.

Since when was there an intercom? Or a 4th floor? He shakes it off and takes another bite before Chad comes in.

“Hey, is that salmon with a walnut crust and a salad of peppers, corn and black beans?”


“Beast. Have you seen the Daisy 301?”

He pretends to chew and shrugs so that Chad would leave quicker. It works. As he digs into the salad, his phone buzzes. A text from Erin:

Sawyer got me a Daisy 301!

He does a double-take.

Sawyer drew me a picture of daisies!

Better. But still suspicious. Before he can answer, he gets another text, from Coze:

Hey man. Can you pick a number between 300-600 and tell me what you ate for lunch?

– TeeCoZee

(Inspo by Colin Weber)