Day 359: Because Ninja Rap Still Slaps [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

Well, this feels weird. Today is the last traditional Top 5 Top 5 Sunday. Next Sunday is my wedding anniversary, so I’m going to write lists about how much I love my wife, because you know, I do. And then the Sunday after that, the project will be over. So let’s take this time to look back on the Top 5 lists that made us laugh, made us cry, made us feel something real. The times you agreed, the times you disagreed, the times where you wondered why I would make a list out of those things. Let’s just remember some lists.

Yeah, I don’t remember any of the previous lists, either. Oh well. Here’s some new ones.

5) Top 5 Movie Sequel Hot Takes

5) TMNT 2: The Secret Of The Ooze is the best Turtles film

4) The Godfather Part 2 is nowhere near as enjoyable as the first one

3) Halloween 4 and 5 are far superior to all the others

2) Robocop 2 is a legitimately good film

1) If given the opportunity, I would watch the first Terminator movie over the second 9 times out of 9

I didn’t realize that loving the original Terminator was such a hot take until recently. It’s just such a fun movie. Nowhere else will you ever see Arnold portrayed as a completely heartless and evil killing machine. In fact, I can’t think of any other villain roles he’s taken. And yet, it’s his best role. They never should’ve made him a hero.

4) Top 5 Self-Scan Phrases That I Never Want to Hear Again

5) “Please wait for assistance”

4) “Call for help?”

3) “Please place item in the bagging area”

2) “Recalled Item. Set item aside and touch ‘ok’”

1) “Unexpected item in bagging area. Remove this item before continuing”

The sad part is that there’s several phrases that I didn’t include on the list that belong there. This always happens after a day off. The machines are 80% more intolerable and cut into my skull like a bone saw.

3) Top 5 Things That I’m Currently Annoyed About

5) The WordPress App, in general

4) The self-scans

3) Time moving slowly

2) The influx of dogs in the store

1) Trying to find NFL results

I’ve been spoiled by the MLB app. It’s straightforward, to the point and it only takes 3 seconds to have access of every piece of information that you need to know about any game. Part of the reason why I stopped following football is because there’s no app that will just give me the straight info. I don’t understand how the NFL app is rated 4.5 in the App Store when it takes forever to load, you have to dig to get to the scores and it tries to play a video every 5 fucking seconds. I DONT NEED VIDEO! I JUST WANT STATS! It’s 2021. I shouldn’t have to bust my ass to see why the Lions lost so badly. But thinking about all these annoying things is making me…annoyed. Maybe I should focus on better things.

2) Top 5 Things That I’m Looking Forward To This Week

5) Getting an actual day off

4) Eating a sandwich

3) Mini golfing

2) AEW Dynamite at the Prudential Center

1) Apple picking

I’m just going to drop a bombshell: I’ve never been apple picking. I didn’t have the attention span as a kid. As an adult, I was always working when given the opportunity. The rare times that I was actually free to go, I was told that it was a “couples thing” and wasn’t invited. But now that I’m part of a “couple”, I can do “couple things” and nobody can stop me! Bahahahaha! Take that, friends that I don’t remember the names of!

1) Top 5 New Pictures In My Camera Roll






I know the anti-piracy meme is played, but it delights me every time. And by delight, I mean it makes me cackle loudly until my face hurts. And then I have a hurt face. So I tend to stay away from the anti-piracy memes.

Have a safe week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee