Day 344: More Saturday Haikus

Woke up around 10
But it still wasn’t enough
I’m gonna need more

Woke up around noon
But that was way too much rest
Want an hour back

My head is buzzing
I struggle to make coffee
I need a bagel

Oh, such sweet relief
The heat has finally broke
It’s now tolerable

Pressure in my head
From the dark clouds above me
Kinda miss the sun

Bagel shop’s hoppin’
The line goes straight to the back
Where I pace in place

The workers bicker
About who’s doing more work
I don’t miss that life

Eggs were undercooked
But the bagel was perfect
I give it a 6

I’m not in the mood
To have a dumb Saturday
But I have no choice

Stare out the window
At the dimly lit city
Watch it pass me by

Johnny on the spot
Breezing through deliveries
Feels really damn good

But then the boredom
Creeps into my cranium
What do I do next?

Watching the traffic
Red Pandas on U-Haul trucks
Moving to Jersey

Songs from the 90s
“I’ve been thinking about you”
And other bangers

Ignore the machines
And their annoying demands
They don’t control you

Think about next week
And the scary shit to come
It’s an odd comfort

No more salary
The safety nets been rolled up
So I can be free

Don’t know if I’ll fail
But I know one thing for sure:
I’ll land on my feet

He stares at the screen
Wondering why it won’t work
Just hit “pay with card”

“No, you have to hit
The button that’s on the screen.
That’s just how shit works”

“No, don’t take your card.”
But he did it anyways.
“Let’s try this again”

Bags designed to break.
Because they use too much glue.
More waste than plastic.

This isn’t my life.
But I spent eleven years
Saying that it was.

This won’t be me soon.
I just need to take this chance
And bet on myself.

Chatting with ol’ Tom
We root for the two best teams
That aren’t in first place

I’ll miss shit like this
Regulars chewing the fat
But I can do more

Jam out for a sec
“Heaven is a place on earth”
The song, it still slaps

I smile to myself
But I have chicken to pack
So, I’ll leave you here.

In just one weeks time
I’ll have done something brand new
For better or worse

The rest of my life
Is out there for me to live
But for now, I wait

– TeeCoZee