Day 334: Athletes That Should Have Dabbled In Wrestling [Wrasslin’ For Lunch]

Ah he’s, athletes in wrestling. Often attempted, rarely pulled off, but always sports entertaining. Actually, that last statement is not true at all. The first match I ever watched with Rachel was Hogan/Rodman vs DDP/Malone. After watching for 5 minutes, her only comment was, “this is…not good”. It’s a goddamn miracle that she somehow became a wrestling fan after that. Regardless, while a lot of athletes tried to make a buck in the squared circle, there’s still some that I wish would have. Here’s 5 athletes that should’ve went through the forbidden door:

Nolan Ryan

This one is a no-brainer. He already knew how to apply a headlock and sell a punch. He probably wouldn’t have been able to do much. But after the Robin Ventura incident, I could see him doing a submission match with Bob Backlund. Bob needed more people his age to fight with in that era, anyways. That could’ve saved Wrestlemania XI!!!

Bo Jackson

Obviously, Bo Jackson was going to be on this list, because I’m a shameless Bo Jackson Mark. My firm belief is that if he had never gotten hurt, he could’ve excelled at anything he put his mind and body to. He had the whole world in his hand, he would’ve been incredibly. Then by the late 90s, he could’ve turned heel with Ron Simmons and started the Nation of Domination.

Ozzie Smith

He’s the only one of this list that would’ve been the perfect high-flyer. His signature backflip could’ve ushered in an early acceptance of “flippy shit” in American Pro Wrestling. Or maybe he would’ve just wrestled in Mexico. Either way, Ozzie would’ve been an incredible high-flyer.

Brian Bosworth

He was large. He was mean. He took no shit from anybody. His face wrote checks. He was vascular. He was chock full of steroids. He was The Boz. And he was everything Vince McMahon wants in a wrestler. He could have easily been plugged into main events, no matter how stiff or terrible he was. He was custom fit into the Hulkamania era. It’s a goddamn shame that he never gave it a shot.

John Kruk

Of all the steroid era baseball players, I think John Kruk would have felt the most at home in a ring. He had the size, the look and the vibe. On top of that, he also had some acting experience. He could’ve easily done some six man tags with the Steiners. His whole aura just screams out New Generation. I’m sure Vince was chomping at the bit to throw a pair of overalls on him and make him a Godwinn.

I know I’m missing a ton, but these are the ones that came off the top of my head. Who do you think would have flourished in the ring? Drop a line in the comments section. Wait, I don’t think we have a comments section. Damn. Well, just drop me a line. Or just leave it to yourself. Your call.

– TeeCoZee