New Knuckler In Town!

After Monday’s game in Houston, CJ “Triple X” Wilson boasted offhandedly about how he’d added a new pitch to his repertoire – a bona fide knuckler!

Suuure ya did, CJ. I mean, granted, it looked like a two-bit changeup way outside the zone with a whole lotta spin for a knuckleball, but why the hell not? Why not call a spade a diamond? Our guess is some Angels-hating Make-A-Wish kid cracked wise and wished for CJ to have seven filthy pitches, and Ceej decided he’d deliver. (RIP, kid. You were a good kid.)

Well, not to miss an opportunity to appeal to you collectors out there, Better Than Legal™ Trading Cards Inc.® is hopping on this bandwagon early. We’re sure to see CJ sneak a few more typical off-speed pitches for balls Superknucks®*! in here and there before the season is out.

Joey Z’s long shot prediction: 3 years from now, having reinvented himself, CJ will be going by “R.A. Wilson” and pitching out of the bullpen for the Red Sox. Hey, It Could Happen! 

CJ WIlson Knuckleballs Believe
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“Hey, It Could Happen!” is a trademarked slogan of Baseball For Dinner.