Caught Between Worlds 4

This article is a follow up on an ongoing investigation into a charred manuscript found in the rubble of a burnt apartment building. This is merely an update on the case at large. If you wish to view the previous articles please search Caught Between Worlds, or click here.

Now fellas, I don’t mean to undermine your opinions, but I think you have this all wrong. As our esteemed readers and comrades may have inferred, the majority of our BfD team is comprised of males, creating a fairly skewed perspective on things. Therefore, I think it is necessary to have a female’s voice in the mix to help with the balance. Not to mention my qualifications in the studies of criminal justice for a half of a semester in college.

That being said, my fellow BfD’rs have worked round the clock to really shed some light on this case. We have been able to delve into the depths of the mind of the writer of this piece, and have discovered some hidden messages inside this charred transcript. Unfortunately, our lead on Miss Rebecca Jones came up short. She gave us little to go on, but her words led us to believe that there was some connection to our writer. My interaction with her has led me to a specific revelation that may come as a shock to my fellow researchers; however, I feel it is a valid possibility. This is the thought that our writer is clearly female. I have also decisively concluded clear links to the following: mental illness, faked death, and groupies.

First, I would like to start with my assessment of Rebecca. I’ve given this a fair amount of thought. Rebecca’s reaction to our questioning made me realize two things: (1) that Rebecca had a greater effect on our author than that of our author on Rebecca, and (2) it was probably during a younger time period for both of them (considering the word choice, “sissy”, and that Rebecca was 57 years old). If indeed this name-calling came at a young age, it could have had a huge impact on our author. It probably provoked a sort of rebellion within her that caused her to lead a slightly scandalous life at a very young age.

This leads us to the connection to groupies. I strongly believe our author has an incredible tie to the music scene. We’ve uncovered ties to Thelonious Monk through the line “Straight, No Chaser”. Our author obviously knew and still knows music. What I would like to analyze first is the line from the Doors. Her only thoughts ringing through her mind at the time before her supposed suicide was lyrics from the Doors, which really leans my opinion in this direction. I believe that she was a major groupie of Jim Morrison’s, and may have knocked boots with him from time to time to prove to Miss Rebecca that she was not a sissy. Jim Morrison’s influence on our author is apparent, being known for his self-destructiveness, as well as his controversial death, or lack there-of. The rumor that Morrison still lives helps me to believe that our author still lives as well.

This leads me to “great beyond”, the other piece of the musical puzzle. Great Beyond is a song by the band REM. It was the title song for the movie Man in the Moon, a movie about Andy Kaufman, a famous, unconventional comedian, who also had a controversial, possibly faked, death. What are the odds that there are two references to two different faked deaths in a suicide note? I’d say slim. Also, Andy Kaufman was known for his unusual, often labeled crazed, behavior. Thelonious Monk was also someone who had quirky behavior that was often referred to as mental illness. Another coincidence? I think not. This gives me reason to believe that she, herself, is somewhat of a unique individual, along with her declaration of her disdain for her drive towards it. This connection may lead to something such as a split personality disorder, or of similar traits. I think this may have been why my fellow teammates have been making the generalization that this writer is a man. Perhaps a split personality would begin to explain the small piece in italics. An argument had with herself over a certain critical situation. My personal belief is that she may have tried her hand at the medical field (perhaps a nurse) to help turn her life around after giving up being a professional groupie. As she began to lose her grasp on reality, she drifted from her job, and began imagining scenarios in everyday situations. She then encountered a situation that required something above either her intelligence or her coherence level, and it has haunted her ever since.

Now, I believe an individual with a past such as this is left with two options, either end it all, or move on. I think she’s moved on, but not without taking out her past- to really finalize it, she burnt the place of her past life. She’s out there somewhere; however, we may never find her. I believe that she is someone that may not want to be found. And even if we find the link, I think she may have removed this part of her life from her memory forever.