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Dr Computer MD – Say Hello to your Computer!


Dr Computer MD, professional computer man, and Comrade Bear teach you how to use your new computer machine.


I Saw Return of the Jedi First: What Star Wars Means to Me as a Millennial 


Like this article? Follow me on Twitter @scottymwatson I saw RETURN OF THE JEDI first.  I was being baby-sat a few blocks away at the White’s house. Their back-room was composed completely of windows, a… Continue reading

We live tweeted the Star Wars Holiday Special. Watch it with us and relive the hilarity (and horror!)


To watch the Star Wars holiday special and follow along, click HERE It was a simple idea. Live tweet the Star Wars Holiday Special. I love Star Wars. I had every movie, toy,… Continue reading

Which Metal Band Are You?


IF YOU LIKE THIS POST, VISIT   www.scottymwatson.com TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR How do you define yourself?  Developing a clear and defined me in this world rife with product placement and self help… Continue reading