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Moore Of The Same: Watching James Bond For The First Time – Part 2


My life has been in disarray this week. I’ve become a lot more paranoid and suspicious about the world around me. When I come home at night, I inspect small objects to see… Continue reading

Top Ten Things That Scared The Shit Out Of Me When I Was A Kid


10 Gmork The Wolf From, “The Neverending Story.” 9 Beetlejuice, when Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis stretch their faces to scare the Deetzs. 8 When Christopher Walken (Max Shreck) gets fried in Batman… Continue reading

“A Behanding in Spokane” presented by Baseball For Dinner-Theatre


IF YOU LIKE THIS POST, VISIT   www.scottymwatson.com TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR The day began like any other. I didn’t have to work, therefore, I didn’t have to set an alarm, therefore, I… Continue reading