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Top Five Things That Piss Me Off (Thanksgiving Edition!)


No one likes an idiot.


Barnes & Noble Lacks Any Human Social Element; Passes the Savings On To You!


Needing a new hard spiral-bound blank notebook so I can work on the next issue of BFD’s newest comic, DYNO SOARERS: dark legacy (coming soon) on my flight back to Michigan this week,… Continue reading

Forfeiting Our Anonymity – New Dangers of the Cell Phone Era


February 11, 2010 — BFDN: Op Ed Tomorrow, a federal appeals court will hear oral arguments in a case that could establish new standards for tracking the whereabouts of Johnny T. Everymann’s cell… Continue reading

“The 2010 Grammy Awards” Or “Ouch, My Cerebrum Hurts”


In the wake of the 2010 Oscar nominations being announced a day earlier than I’d expected, I thought it would be appropriate to write a day-late lackluster review of the Grammys. First, some… Continue reading

Avatar Increases US Suicide Rate; Cameron Held Responsible


(BFDN) — James Cameron’s new $500m theatrical space gimmick, Avatar has audiences jumping out of their seats — and, in some cases, out of windows, in front of buses, and off cliffs. In… Continue reading

Hold On a Second, U.S. Post Office – Get Back To Work!


While government and municipal workers have the day off to be with their families and reflect on the importance of Christoffa Corombo (his Genoese name; I call him this because he was Genoese..… Continue reading