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I’d Rather Play Tecmo Super Bowl [Friday Thoughts W/ Troy]


Good morning. Or afternoon. Or dinnertime. It’s Friday, January 20th, 1995. The weather in Chesaning is 38° & gloomy and somewhere, somebody is hunting. Somewhere else, somebody is making dinner. Somewhere else, somebody… Continue reading

This is the Stephen King novel I tried to write when I was six.


While sorting through old boxes in Reed City, buried beneath my Pinewood Derby trophies and novelty spoon collection, I found the first story I’d ever written. I had no memory of writing this,… Continue reading

It’s Okay If You Don’t Understand My Tattoo. Because I do.


Why in the hell do people get tattoos in the first place? The question isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many would argue that they do it to immortalize something that means something… Continue reading

I am not a Millennial -The Birth and Death of Generation Y


  I was born in 1986. Every generational article goes into great detail about the Baby Boomers (my parents.) How by sheer numbers they changed the world as they aged. If the 60’s… Continue reading

The Vesuvio Chronicles [An Exercise In People Watching]


On April 20, 2015, I wandered around San Francisco for a good 12 hours. I saw a whole lot of things that I would not be able to un-see and I was totally… Continue reading

Go Home, Urban Outfitters, You’re Drunk.


Saw this at Urban Outfitters today in Manhattan. This is what happens when your employees in China work 16 hour shifts. Batman’s face = I am so pissed. Why is my fist so… Continue reading

The Worst Test of All Time


TIME High School, 2003 LOCATION Reed City, Michigan TEST SUBJECT  The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer UNINTENTIONAL EXPERIMENT  How will I score on a reading comprehension test for The Canterbury Tales considering: A… Continue reading

How the Detroit Tigers Forced Me to Love Sports

by and Scottym70 are proud to bring you our first actual post (kind of) about baseball. Patience is not my style. Anything that I didn’t master instantly as a kid (geometry) was branded… Continue reading