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Life can’t possibly be easy. Ever. We can’t expect it to be. And then, suddenly, it is. What do we do with it now? Mess it up again of course. Easy is frightening.… Continue reading

Scout or Die


IF YOU LIKE THIS POST, VISIT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR For roughly ten years of my life, I was a Boy Scout. Specifically, a Tiger Scout, a Bobcat, a Wolf, a… Continue reading

Texts From Last Night


12:56am – missed call from exhibit A 12:57am – text from exhibit A – I’m going to the leeve soon with a friend.  What to meet me there? 12:58am – text to exhibit… Continue reading

CJ’s and Erin E’s Thoughts on Becoming Brooklynites Overnight.. a fortnight, that is..


(CJ and I felt it both necessary to relate our tales of our adventure to and in Brooklyn.  CJ started writing first, so all of my comments are going to be in parenthesis. … Continue reading

The 6th Ave Tunnel Team


IF YOU LIKE THIS POST, VISIT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR It took me almost a month to adjust to the subway in New York City. A full month before I stopped… Continue reading

The BfD Reunion Conference 2010: Bonus Day #1! [1999 & Sports, Puss in Boots for NES, and Founder’s]


After leaving Billy’s in a mini-blizzard, the BfD team knew that Roscoe’s travel plans for the next day probably wouldn’t be happening. Enter into the equation a BfD Reunion Conference Bonus Day, fun… Continue reading

The Shanty Shaker From Monkey Town: A Memoir


Have you ever tried to indulge some secret desire? Given in to a little voice somewhere that keeps telling you to just go ahead and join that Mail-In Harmonic Convergence Study Group? Perhaps… Continue reading

Peking Chinese Restaurant, A Review


Location: 1439 S Stephenson Ave, Iron Mountain, MI American Chinese restaurants always seem to get scrutinized. Many people joke, or at least think they are only joking, about the addition of animals that… Continue reading

Baseball For Dinner Presents: How To Build A Dolly

by presents the first installment of a How To series aimed at teaching you, the at-home viewer, how to do things that you are otherwise too stupid or inept to do. In Episode… Continue reading

Sci-Fi Mantras for Today’s World


Over the course of a successful science fiction franchise’s life-span, key phrases and quotes from the series transcend the boundaries of mere entertainment, taking on the weight of a philosophy or religion. These… Continue reading