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Rock and Roll Circus Family (#3)



Rock and Roll Circus Family (#002)


Rock and Roll Circus Family – Issue #1


In an effort to bring even more low brow satire to Baseball For Dinner, contributor Roscoe recently cooked up an idea for a Sunday Comix / Rock n’ Roll mash up column. While… Continue reading

Pork Hertylman Found Dead At Abandoned Discovery Zone


(BFDN) — Pittsburgh, PA

Pork Hertylman, a senior columnist with Baseball For Dinner, was discovered dead by a group of transients in a vacant building in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. Emergency responders were unable to revive him.

How To Forget Where You Are


I only watched a bit of the Oscars this year, while I was on a business trip in Orlando with two co-workers. Two of us were in suits and the other guy was… Continue reading

The Shanty Shaker From Monkey Town: A Memoir


Have you ever tried to indulge some secret desire? Given in to a little voice somewhere that keeps telling you to just go ahead and join that Mail-In Harmonic Convergence Study Group? Perhaps… Continue reading

Baseball For Dinner Presents: How To Build A Dolly

by presents the first installment of a How To series aimed at teaching you, the at-home viewer, how to do things that you are otherwise too stupid or inept to do. In Episode… Continue reading

Forfeiting Our Anonymity – New Dangers of the Cell Phone Era


February 11, 2010 — BFDN: Op Ed Tomorrow, a federal appeals court will hear oral arguments in a case that could establish new standards for tracking the whereabouts of Johnny T. Everymann’s cell… Continue reading

“The 2010 Grammy Awards” Or “Ouch, My Cerebrum Hurts”


In the wake of the 2010 Oscar nominations being announced a day earlier than I’d expected, I thought it would be appropriate to write a day-late lackluster review of the Grammys. First, some… Continue reading

Avatar Increases US Suicide Rate; Cameron Held Responsible


(BFDN) — James Cameron’s new $500m theatrical space gimmick, Avatar has audiences jumping out of their seats — and, in some cases, out of windows, in front of buses, and off cliffs. In… Continue reading