Because It’s Time To Recap The Year [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

What a year it’s been. Remember when that one thing happened? That was nuts. But what about when that one dude said that thing? I couldn’t believe my ears! Or that person that died? They’ll be missed. I know we all have lived different lives and have different opinions, but I think this year has been pretty damn cool. So cool, in fact, that I’ve decided to count down the top 5 top 5 lists of this year. Here it is. Enjoy. And be merry.

5) Top 5 Things I Ate This Year

5) A little bit of toothpaste

4) Kind Bar

3) A Clementine

2) Mozzarella Cheese

1) Chex Mix

Of all the things I ate this year, my moms Chex Mix still takes the damn cake. There’s very little seasoning and just a hint of Worcestershire Sauce. Man. I wish I had some right now.

4) Top 5 Things I Watched This Year

5) Some TikTok that Rachel sent me

4) A YouTube video about video game flips

3) ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown

2) New York Giants vs Chicago Bears MNF, Week 1 1987

1) Chainsaw Man Episode 11

There’s gonna be a real big empty feeling inside after episode 12, knowing that there won’t be new episodes for years. I started the show two nights ago and became instantly hooked, much to the chagrin of my wife that doesn’t like excessive gore and can’t read subtitles. The show exudes a certain coolness that I’ve never seen before. Watching it is intoxicating. Freshest thing I’ve seen in years. Watch it if you want.

3) Top 5 Bevs Of The Year

5) A little bit of Listerine

4) Water

3) GFuel Knuckles Sour Raspberry

2) Evan Williams Bourbon

1) Squirt

Fuck obeying my thirst. I’m gonna Squirt my thirst, because it’s a cooler tagline that makes less sense!

2) Top 5 Moments Of The Year

5) No traffic on the Van Wyck

4) Waking up not feeling like total trash

3) Eating Chex Mix, drinking Evan Williams and Squirt while watching Chainsaw Man

2) Finding out that Strange Days is on HBO Max

1) Kissing Rachel on the balcony at Midnight, while fireworks exploded everywhere but we couldn’t see them due to the fog

Apparently, it was foggy yesterday. I only knew because I happened to step out onto the balcony for 2 minutes. After looking at this list, I realize now how great this year has truly been. I’ve been living a blessed life.

1) Top 5 Pictures Of The Year





In case you didn’t get the memo, STRANGE DAYS IS ON HBO MAX! REJOICE, PEOPLE!

This year has had a lot of twists and turns, that’s for damn sure. I turned left, I turned right, I merged, I drove straight, I did it all. But the thing to remember is that the year is what you make of it. So with that, I say sayonara to 2023. 2024 is only 364 days away!

Have a strange 2023, everyone!

– TeeCoZee