I’d Rather Not Deal With The MTA’s Crap [Friday Thoughts W/ TeeCoZee]

Good Moleman. That’s not Latin, that sounds like rock and/or roll! It’s Friday, May 6th, 2022. The weather on Long Island is 57° & Pantone 14-4504 and somewhere, somebody is making amends. It was a stupid thing to do and they are sorry. But will they get forgiveness? And if they do, is it deserved? Will they spend the rest of their life as a fraud because they earned unwarranted forgiveness? Little do they know, they didn’t actually do anything wrong. And me? I don’t apologize to insects. Usually, they don’t remember or it’s simply not the same one. I also have some things on my mind…

– I’ve lived an MTA-less existence for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, it’s pretty nice. The subway was once my raison d’être, then it became the bane of my existence, now it doesn’t affect me at all. My encounters with yelling people have decreased 1000%, I’m never around maskless strangers, I’m not inconvenienced by the endless construction on the N Line and most importantly, I never have to get mad at the lazy workers. Or at least, I thought that was the case. I emerged from the production truck this morning to find a LIRR vehicle parked outside of our bathroom trailer. Everyone that saw it expected the worst and we got the worst. That’s right. An MTA worker went out of his way to take a massive dump in our bathroom. One so bad that we have to air out all 3 stalls. I may have escaped the clutches of the MTA, but I still have to deal with their shit.

– I was using my GPS on my way to work yesterday, not because I didn’t know where to go. I just like knowing what time I’ll get there. At a stoplight, an ad popped up:

The fuck do you mean, you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Are those even regulation Cinco de Mayo colors? What does the holiday have to do with anything that Rite Aid does? Nobody is saying to themselves, “Oh, shit! It’s Cinco de Mayo! I need to get some vitamins and warm expired beer!” How does Rite Aid stating that they’re celebrating a holiday make them more appealing? If anything, this would make Rite Aid less appealing. Because if they observe the holiday, then I’m sure they’re very short-staffed. I don’t want to wait in line longer at Rite Aid, especially if I’m carrying a 12 pack of Corona. Those bottle caps are really sharp. My hand will surely start bleeding and then I’d have to leave the line to buy band-aids. That’s how they get you. Let it be known: Rite Aid’s Cinco de Mayo celebration is a trap!

– I was going to write at length about the movie, Milk Money. I was struck with the idea that the movie was really inappropriate and would have no business being released today. The idea of a teenager finding the Hooker With A Heart Of Gold is just kind of creepy and unrealistic. I was invigorated, ready to put the digital pen to the digital paper, when I came to a horrifying realization: I have definitely already written about this before, in the same exact way, with the same exact arguments. I know I’ve had idea reruns before, but never this specific. My old brain is repeating itself. It has ran its cycle.

But now I’m coming across an even bigger problem: I can’t find any evidence of the article even existing. I did a lot of searching and scrubbing, but this website is not very well-cataloged. So in reality, I could actually write this article and get away with it. But I wouldn’t, because I already admitted that it was a repeat. I could delete all of this, but then I’d have less content. It’s a lose-lose-win situation over here.

– Try this trick over the weekend: Find the Milk Money article for me, so I can stop tempting repetition.

Have a helpful weekend, everyone!

– TeeCoZee