501 Words About It

I feel like it’s about time that we talk about it. But what is “it”, exactly? I guess it’s everything. There’s a lot of things going on that people are discussing, so I feel like it’d be of bad taste to just ignore them. After all, I am a part of society. I may not be the voice of a generation, but I have a voice and was part of a generation that had Mountain Dew in their sippy cups. So I should probably talk about it.

But you know what? There’s no point in elaborating things further. Everyone has a lot to say, but they’re all saying the same exact thing. Nobody is coming up with a new idea and there’s definitely nobody coming up with a logical solution. Some things are just irreparably fucked and repeating its existence is doing next to nothing.

But for posterity’s sake, I might as well repeat the things that have already been said. I’m not afraid to say these things and doing so does not make me brave. That’s because all of these statements are logical and if you disagree, I don’t care. Don’t expect me to save you from being wrong and don’t expect me to talk to you about it or talk to you at all.

That said, as a logical human being, I find the following things to be true:

– I support the police as an idea, but a vast amount of them should either be fired or put in jail for their heinous crimes against society.

– I am not a scientist. Scientists are scientists and they’re busting their ass to do science.

– Mo Donegal is not going to win the Kentucky Derby.

– Racism is at a stalemate because people are unwilling to grow up.

– The Cincinnati Reds are a very terrible baseball club.

– Rent is too damn high and we are about to have another housing crisis.

– Every person with the capacity to make educated decisions should be free to make decisions about their life and body without outside interference.

– Every person with the capacity to make educated decisions should not interfere in what other people with the capacity to make educated decisions do with their life or body, especially when it doesn’t affect them whatsoever.

– American cheese is not actual cheese. It is a cheese product.

– We should believe women.

– Every person has a right to be happy in the skin they’re in, being whoever they want to be and frankly, that is none of your business.

– War is senseless and dumb. What is going on in the Ukraine should not be happening. Duh.

– Tony Khan does not know how to book women’s wrestling.

– Trevor Bauer should never be on television again, in any capacity.

– It is not okay to beat up comedians.

– Wind is pointless.

– Fuck The Giants.

Once again, if you don’t agree, I don’t care. These are all logical statements that shouldn’t have to be said. Have a good day. Or don’t. It’s your world.

– TeeCoZee