421 Words To The Ten-Year-Old

Your fluff knows no bounds. It doesn’t even know the definition of “bounds”. It doesn’t know the definition of a lot of things. It’s fluff, it has no brain. But you do. And I spend my days in constant awe and wonder of what is going on inside of it. Whether you’re staring at a shadow on the wall or being seemingly content stuffing yourself into the bottom of the shelf and just existing for a moment, I’m always wondering what’s on your mind, what you think of yourself and if you’re happy. You are the cutest enigma that I will ever know.

I wanted to write some words to you on your birthday, but on my way to the computer, you attacked me. But the joke was on you: I was wearing socks. I’ve learned a thing or two after 6 years of co-existing with you. But not many things. You still catch me with my guard down and we’re constantly at odds. I’m ashamed to admit it, but the other night when I went to the bathroom, I saw you sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. When I left the bathroom, you were gone. It took me over 15 minutes to get back to bed because I was frozen in fear, just waiting for you to come out and spook me. I slowly shuffled towards the bedroom one centimeter at a time. But you weren’t there. I understand now that this is a new game that you’re playing with me. And I totally lost. You’ll always live rent-free in my head and apartment.

I feel like we’ve done a lot of bonding in the last year. Whether it was the brief stint when we both enjoyed being on the balcony, our abhorrence to the noises on the balcony or when I discovered that I could get a rise out of you by playing bird videos on Youtube. We’ve definitely become a lot closer, as I can tell by the way that you meow when I leave the apartment. Yes, I was just pretending to walk away so I could listen in. Yes, I know it’s creepy. No, I won’t stop.

Willy, you’re one year older and one year wiser. You’ve outlived a lot of your peers and will probably outlive us all. But for you, on your birthday, I’d like to read the words that I just wrote to you. So, I’m going to stop writing, shake your bag of treats and bore for a while.

– TeeCoZee