Baseball Haikus – Giants at Mets 04/19/22

Not a spot in sight
And no left turns can be made
I’m already late

Tons of broken glass
And semis parked crookedly
It’s time to pay up

Full swing already
By the time I reach the gate
The crowd has gone wild

It all turns to shit
The second I find my seat
Giants took the lead

They’re yelling at Joc
Sending hurtful words his way
I just miss the guy

Infield made of Swiss
It feels like a miracle
To record an out

5th inning rally
Serving doubles on doubles
To tie up the game

Dangerously close
To the crowd catching tee shirts
Won’t even fit me

My shoes are fire
According to some young fan
The kid has good taste

Trumpets come early
Diaz in a tied-up game
Is seemingly cursed

First hitter was walked
A K and a double play
Guess I’ll eat my words

Bottom of the ninth
Two leadoff walks were squandered
So we have extras

Brought in to ghost run
Brandon Nimmo travels forth
Into victory

But the second game
Story for another time
Perhaps tomorrow

– TeeCoZee