The Simple Bliss Of Digital Cable And Air Conditioning

Life isn’t easy. It was never designed that way. A world without struggle is an unremarkable one. Without something to overcome, you learn nothing. And weekends would never be cherished if weekdays were a breeze. Especially on Mondays, us humans need to recognize the challenges in front of us, while also recognizing the finer things in life. The occasional comforts that you work towards every day. While the wheels in your head screech and grind, don’t lose sight of the things that put it at ease.

Imagine a cold air conditioner. It doesn’t need to be warm outside to remember what it feels like to be in the sweltering heat. You’ll also remember the sudden burst of relief when you step into an air conditioned room. It’s truly a thing of beauty. And best of all, you have nowhere in particular to be. You can sprawl out on the soft leather couch and feel your misery fade away. The malaise from your job, the deadline, the visitors, the bills, the full litter box, the cute boy or girl that won’t notice you, all gone. You left all of your cares outside, burning, melting into a pile of indiscernible goop. There’s even an ice cold can of Coca Cola Classic on the coffee table. How thoughtful.

But best of all, the remote is sitting next to it. And it’s yours. We’re talking digital cable, baby. Top of the line. 700+ channels of entertainment at your fingertips. You can watch whatever you want, you won’t be bothered. There might be a classic sports replay on. Or maybe you want to watch a game show that you’ve never heard of. Or a movie that you’ve been meaning to watch for years and you can now because it’s on TV. Or you can pretend to understand the business news. Maybe watch some weird Canadian show or a cartoon or two. You can browse the Pay-Per-View titles and make fun of the porno titles. You can hover over that blockbuster movie that just left theaters and wonder what would happen if you just accidentally pressed play, as a treat. Or you can browse the 50+ channels of music choice. “Sweet Love”, by Anita Baker. That’s your jam and you know it. You can sit there and enjoy while pondering in wonder of what could possibly come on next.

Everything is aligned and you know it. Your favorite show is airing back-to-back. The Coca Cola is crisp on your tongue. The hairs on your arms stand up as you realize that you’re actually chilly. There’s a blanket right there for you. What would’ve seemed like a preposterous nightmare a mere hour ago is now a cherished comfort. The world is yours to enjoy and all you had to do was step into an air conditioned room with digital cable.

Isn’t life just grand sometimes?

It is.

Monday may still reign supreme in your reality, but with a bit of thought, you can go to your retreat. I highly recommend it.

– TeeCoZee