TeeCoZee’s AL East Preview 2022

I almost forgot this was I thing I was doing. I got so wrapped up in Spring Training ball, that I thought that the season started already. Actually, that’s not true at all. I was just dreading doing the NL Central. So I’ll save that misery for a later day and talk about a division filled with teams…the AL East?!? Ah crap. Whatever. Here we go.

Toronto Blue Jays

What’s New: The got a good deal on Matt Chapman, which will fill the void listed below, Kevin Gausman (for the same reason) and Yusei Kikuchi (yep)

What’s Gone: Marcus Semien (who had a breakout season last year to get a massive payday in Arlington), Steven Matz and Robbie Ray (who were both on the decline, but got paid all the same)

Coze’s Prediction: 98-64

Their 91 wins last season was just enough for them to land in 4th place. That goes to show how fucking crazy this division is. But they have all of their pieces in place and their rotation is better than it was last year. Meanwhile, the other teams in the East have slightly downgraded. I think 98 wins will be enough to win the East this year, as they’re all going to be battering each other anyways. That is all depending on whether or not Hyun-Jin Ryu can stay healthy. Derp.

Tampa Bay Rays

What’s New: Corey Kluber? I guess?

What’s Gone: Nelson Cruz, Michael Wacha, Chris Archer (BLUH), Collin McHugh

Coze’s Prediction: 86-76

It doesn’t look good for the Rays. Apart from losing their best slugger in Cruz, they will have to go without key pieces for the bulk of the season. Nick Anderson will be missing from the bullpen until late Summer and Tyler Glassnow will hopefully not be glass later when he returns in August from Tommy John’s. Despite all of this and the ownership’s refusal to spend, they’re the fucking Rays. They’ll annoyingly find some way to win a buttload of games. That’s what they do.

Boston Red Sox

What’s New: Trevor Story, James Paxton (eventually), Rich Hill, Jackie Bradley, Jr

What’s Gone: Hunter Renfroe, Travis Shaw, Kyle Schwarber

Coze’s Prediction: 84-78

The Sawx made the division’s biggest splash this offseason by signing (arguably) the best free agent shortstop in the game. On top of that, they maintained the core of the team that gave them the surprise playoff berth last season. They also had some goodwill pickups in Jackie Bradley, Jr and Rich Hill, which is always a good look for a team. Will they be able to recreate last year’s magic? Will Chris Sale stop being a douche and get vaccinated? Thems loaded questions.

New York Yankees

What’s New: Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Josh Donaldson (who now looks like a generic white bro), criticism for being too cheap

What’s Gone: Anthony Rizzo, Gary Sanchez, faith in the ownership

Coze’s Prediction: 82-80

For the two weeks that the stove was actually cooking, nearly every free agent was rumored to “be in talks with the Yankees”. Come to find out, that’s literally all they could do. Talking is good and everything, but if they’re not making good offers, they’re just wasting time. So they made a hasty trade for Josh Donaldson just to show the fans that they’re trying and somehow unloaded Gary Sanchez in the process. His absence might be worth 2 extra wins.

Baltimore Orioles

What’s New: They almost signed Carlos Correa. Does that count?

What’s Gone: Matt Harvey. Thank God.

Coze’s Prediction: 70-92

What can you say about a team that has nothing to lose? You can say that they can’t lose anything. Duh. No matter what, they can’t get worse. All they’re doing is building and building. Eventually, they’ll have a few good players and then they’ll really have something to lose. And then they’ll lose those players. But hopefully, in some time in between, they can sneak out a .500 season.

– TeeCoZee