Veer Is Coming [Wrasslin’ For Lunch]

Did you hear the news? Holy crap, you didn’t hear?!?!? Veer is coming! The most anticipated debut in WWE is upon us! You see, Veer was a wrestler on Raw, usually recognized as one of Jinder Mahaal’s cronies. But then in September, he mysteriously disappeared and nobody noticed. But then, a few weeks later, they started running ads about him. Veer is coming. We don’t know what he’s going to do or what’s taking him so long, but he’s coming.

For the last 6 months, they’ve been running these ads weekly. We aren’t sure if we’re supposed to ignore the fact that he was already here and has not stopped wrestling on Main Event. Veer never left, but he’s also coming. We don’t know what that means and on April 4th, our questions will not be answered. But Veer will come, regardless. Because that’s all he knows how to do.

It’s surely been a long time coming. Here’s a list of things that happened while Veer was being hyped:

– A whole variant of Covid came and went.

– Jeff Hardy was fired, waited out his 90 day non-compete and is now wrestling in AEW

– The WWE Heavyweight Title has changed hands 4 times

– The Detroit Lions won 3 games

– Chad Gable and Otis were successfully pushed

– Goldberg came back and left

– An entire baseball lockout occurred, spanning so long that it delayed spring training

– Moxley went in and out of rehab

– Winter came and went

– He fought on Main Event 13 times, with 2 of his opponents already being fired and finding work elsewhere

– A whole word puzzle fad came and fizzled out

– Big E went from being champ to probably never wrestling again

– Tom Brady went in and out of retirement

– Crypto blew up and then imploded

– World War III

– Two main roster Superstars went to NXT and took their respective gender’s Titles

– Santa Claus came to town

– I wrote 26 times

– Two 90s sitcom stars died

– Daylight Savings Time occurred. Twice.

– The WWE ran 2 shows in Saudi Arabia

– Andrew Cuomo went from being the #1 pariah to attempting a comeback

– 36 WWE Superstars have been released

And so on and so on. The real question is: will he live up to the hype? The answer is complicated. The WWE has promised us nothing, other than him coming. So as long as he comes, they held up to their end of the bargain. Will he be face? Will he be heel? Will he team up with Cody? Will he become The Fiend? Will they rename him, “Dean Ambrose”? Will we find out why they insist that he’s “coming” even though he’s already been on Raw several times to no fanfare? Will any of it matter?

I guess we’ll find out. When he comes. Because he’s coming. He’s definitely coming. On April 4th, Veer is coming.

So is Seth Rollins.

And Edge.

The Miz is coming.

I’m sure Kevin Owens will be there, too.

It’s Raw, after all. I would assume that everyone on the roster is coming.

– TeeCoZee