More Like “March Sadness” [Saturday Haikus]

Dense fog rolling in
You can’t even see the track
It’s a sport unknown

Patrolling the lot
Security follows me
But they do nothing

I open up shop
Soak in the brief morning calm
Then quickly get bored

Just like yesterday
The looming fog rolled away
All is visible

Changes coming in
A laundry list of scratches
None of them favored

Phone rings off the hook
Rider changes every race
And this horse is fat

An early lunchtime
Sando with the window down
Breathing the spring air

Magnificent Chrome
But made out of flesh and bone
Veins of ice water

I wrote that last one
While he was in seventh place
My words encouraged

Horses are for sale
But nobody’s buying them
Too poor for blue blood

Oh, fucking Baylor
I had them in the finals
Ruins my bracket

I’ve been hypnotized
Following the bouncing ball
Video synch test

But Baylor came back
26 point deficit
Take it to OT

So much for comebacks
Magnificent Chrome, they’re not
But at least they tried

The refs were paid off
To make it a closer game
So, it worked, I guess

Rooting for Creighton
Now that my bracket is bunk
I just want chaos

Too many horses
They’re getting too excited
To see each other

The sun showed his face
Bringing blue skies up above
But the room stays dark

Bad name for a horse
Just sounds like a threat

Bustin Timberlake
Got busted in the end by

All of the traffic
None of the satisfaction
Of seeing the cause

Pizza on the way
She got me a pepperone
I am truly blessed

Clouds quickly swoop in
As the sun was just leaving
Takes a lot of nerve

It’s all in the books
Another Saturday done
Where is my pizza?

– TeeCoZee