317 Words About Rainy Thursdays

You can do whatever you want.
Because it’s Thursday.
It’s raining outside.
And you aint got shit to do.

You can sit in bed for a while.
Shake off the dizziness.
You can make a bowl of cereal.
Just exist for a minute.
Or even a few minutes more.

You can turn the lights on.
Reminisce about Saturday afternoons as a kid.
Hanging upside down on the couch.
Wondering what life would be like with a brother.
And other nonsense.

You can wait for a break in the rain.
Poke your head outside for a bit.
You can go to the doctor.
He’ll tell you that there’s nothing wrong.
But it won’t make you feel any better.

You can tell yourself to go for a walk.
Set some destinations, call your Mom.
You can try to cross the parade route.
But going home seems like a better option.

You can eat your weight in shawarma.
And try to catch up on your shows.
You can tell yourself that you feel better.
But the mist will come rolling back in.

You can play a game, if you want.
No, not that one.
Not that one, either.
That one isn’t working today.
But it won’t stop you from trying over and over.

You can look up to see why the game isn’t working.
You’ll see that it’s the same reason as this morning.
You can refresh to see if it’s working now.
How about now?
How about now?
You can read comments from upset people.
How about now?

You can shake the bag of treats.
Make sure the cat still exists.
He might rub his head across your hand.
While you tell him how much you missed him.
But then he’ll walk away.

You can take a picture of the mist.
And about what to write today.
But you already know.

You’re going to write about the rainy day.

– TeeCoZee