Stale Cheez-Its [Saturday Haikus]

It’s too damn early
And yet I woke up late
Abusing the snooze

I’m way too tired
To check for mold in the bread
No sandwich for me

Wasted too much time
Browsing YouTube videos
Gran Turismo waits

The grooves on Van Wyck
Swerving my car to and fro
A highway abused

Get everything prepped
Only takes 30 minutes
Too much time to spare

Kicking up the dirt
Disco Pharoah takes the lead
And doesn’t look back

Horses can’t look back
Their necks just aren’t made that way
Nor their memory

Stale Cheez-Its for lunch
They’re also “extra toasted”
Only makes it worse

Played possum most of the race
Fucks over Chateau

Time always flies by
When in thirty minute chunks
Repeated ten times

Seagulls circling
The rusty A train trestle
Just pooping all day

New violators
They have a mind of their own
Feel violated

With 3 races left
My bladder is exploding
I do too much Dew

From last place to first
Fitzpatrick snuck in a win
Paid out twenty-six

The traffic still grinds
Even though it’s the weekend
That’s the Van Wyck Life

Chicken on the plate
Dishes being done nearby
Feels good to be home

– TeeCoZee