Day 366: Because I’d Still Rather Stay Married [Top 5 Top 5 Anniversary]

After yet another year of being as overbearing and annoying as possible, I’m somehow still married to the woman that I love. That’s what’s up! I know, I’m surprised too. Joking aside, it’s been a trying and weird year for the both of us, for many different reasons. If there’s one thing in the world that comforts me the most, it’s that I know she’ll be right by my side at the end of every night. And that’s a better feeling than any sandwich, bev or Tony Hawk game could ever give me. I’m just ecstatic that we found each other and have been able to grow in the ways we have. How do I count the ways that I love her? With a list, duh. But not just one list. Here’s 5 lists. She’s just a 5 list kind of gal, ya know?

5) Top 5 annoying things that I do that she’s a saint for tolerating

5) Farting incessantly
4) Putting my cans on the counter instead of the closet
3) Quoting The Nutty Professor for no reason
2) Park like an asshole
1) Always try to be right

I do all of those things constantly and more. On paper, I am not a catch in any sense of the word. I’m more of a scoop. Or a pickup. Every time she rolls her eyes at me, I’m grateful that she’s not heading for the door. Because she has every right to. I fart a lot.

4) Top 5 things that Rachel has inspired me to do in the past year

5) Be more politically correct
4) Drive more aggressively
3) Keep at the writing project
2) Get help when I sorely needed it
1) Follow my dreams

If you’ve been following this writing project, you’ll know that this year hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve been in and out of panic phases, looped with depression phases and I convinced myself that I had medical issues in all the times in between. She has been my rock through all of this and without her encouragement, I wouldn’t have reached out and gotten help when it was necessary. All in all, she’s spent the last year being my best advocate. She helped me realize that I was worth more in life and pushed me along to help change my life for the better. When it was apparent that I needed to reduce my hours at work for my mental health, she was more than happy to fill in the gaps financially. When I realized what I wanted to do with my life, she got my foot in the door. She always gave me the space and encouragement I needed to get my daily writing done. She is, in so many ways, the best wife any guy could ever ask for. You totally wish your wife was as cool as her. Even if you’re a wife yourself, you could use a wife like her. Trust me. She’s tops.

3) Top 5 things that Rachel has surprised me about in the last year

5) Her tolerance when I had long hair
4) Her affinity for long dresses
3) Her sudden lack of anger
2) Her love for wrestling
1) Her independence

Compared to how things were even one year ago, she’s a much different person. This year, she has regained a sense of self and before I knew it, she just didn’t need me for things anymore. She’s just out there in the world, making things happen, taking the train new places, not needing a hand to hold. She has friends now. Good friends. Her cancer and disability are no longer her identity; she is her own woman again. And I couldn’t be more proud. Also, I don’t know what the fuck I did to her, but this girl is more excited to go to AEW Grand Slam than I am. She is beyond hyped and that’s a thing that I would never, ever expect out of her. I created a monster. And now I have a monster to watch wrestling with. Just listening to her talk up AEW to people that clearly don’t give a shit just brings the biggest smile to my face. She’s simply the best. I don’t know how many time I have to say that, but I’m gonna keep saying it.

2) Top 5 decisions that Rachel made in the past year

5) Trying a new sandwich place
4) To move the fuck out of Brooklyn
3) Every time she was right about something
2) Taking look at an apartment even though it seemed like it would be too small and noisy
1) Applying to new jobs

This year brought upon a lot of change and she was the catalyst for most of it. I dragged my feet about moving, but she was adamant about breaking our lease and getting out of Flatbush. And because of that, she found a better life for us. An apartment that has the amenities to make our lives easier, in a neighborhood that we can actually do things in, for a price that we can afford. Her one-track mind made life a million times better for the both of us. Also, the sandwiches here are dank as hell.

1) Top 5 New Pictures In My Camera Roll






Look at us. Being all cute and shit. She really does bring out the best in me. And I bring out the best in her. It’s a good exchange, I think. But really, it’s our anniversary. I’m going to stop writing and go be with my wonderful wife! Err, actually, I’m gonna go pick up breakfast. And THEN I’m gonna go be with my wonderful wife! Take that, nerds!

Have a lovely week, everybody!

– TeeCoZee