Day 358: I Forgot The Title [Saturday Haikus]

Don’t know what to write
Woke up in the wrong headspace
But I’ll try my best

We spent all morning
Wading through bureaucracy
And wordy jargon

Finally, we picked
Benefits that worked for us
And the website crashed

Andrade and Pac
Gave Cincinnati a show
With a shitty end

Should be my day off
But that won’t be happening
The hustle is real

My nerves fully wracked
Dreading possibilities
Of me fucking up

I know I’ll be fine
But a little voice inside
Questions that logic

Sitting in traffic
Can’t even leave 31st
Fuck you, Saturdays.

Car crash in the Bronx
And a utility van
Wants another one

Even Snake Plissken
Would have problems trying to
Escape from New York

The driveway is blocked
So I drive around the block
Over and over

Setting up the cam
Next time I’ll be on my own
To figure it out

The time, it flies by
And suddenly, it’s gametime
Fuck it, do it live

I’m getting good shots
But my camera is too bright
And unusable

Many people come
To fiddle with the levels
But to no avail

The flag is half mast
To honor those that we lost
Twenty years ago

It feels truly weird
To be behind the camera
For a big tribute

Tensions running hot
As the players keep flopping
Drawing penalties

Follow number 9
He seems to be the leader
And the most angry

A dewy windshield
Makes for uneasy driving
Down dark, winding roads

One hand on the wheel
The other on a Fatty
A damn good beef stick

Beacons in the sky
To show us where the towers
Should actually be

And I’m home at last
Willy hasn’t even moved
From his spot in bed

Inching to midnight
Racing to publish these words
So I’ll stop them short

– TeeCoZee