Day 351: I Guess It’s More Saturday Haikus

Twenty-Three Hours
I was awake yesterday.
So I slept for six.

I don’t wanna leave,
But I can’t just stay in bed.
Plus, I have to pee

Very surprising.
My bones, they are not aching
From the long Friday.

Riding a big high
While I ride on the N train.
Guess I’ll ride two things.

I’m musing about
All of the ass that I kicked
And how I’m lucky.

I don’t hate it here,
Now that I’ve seen my way out.
Change of perspective.

Hootie really wants
Listeners to hold his hand.
I hope he’s okay.

Peanut butter scans.
But they don’t think that it does.
Didn’t even try.

Lobster Roll for lunch.
‘Cuz I need to treat myself.
Plus, I get half off.

Phil Collins “can’t dance”.
He also can’t “walk, talk, sing”.
But he sure can lie.

Six o’clock hour.
Time will always stand still here.
Just keep going, Coze.

The voices grow loud.
The “Please wait for assistance”
And subsequent sighs.

I write some emails
And I send out the orders.
Still nothing to do.

I’d rather be gone
To a place that needs me more.
Or home would suffice.

I’m dancing in place.
Either Kaz Bielinski rules
Or I’m just that bored.

New favorite gimmick:
A professional wrestler
Who’s dressed as a dad

I closed up the store
And yet I am still stuck here.
I hate new people.

A Saturday done.
Somehow it didn’t kill me.
There’s always next time.

– TeeCoZee