Day 340: A Reset Was Needed

Things had gotten stale.
It just didn’t do the trick anymore.
I hadn’t seen my friends in weeks.
And I wasn’t even sure if they actually missed me
As much as I thought I would miss them.
Every time I would run around town,
It all felt the same.
Nothing ever changes.
Nothing excites me.
Nothing relaxes me.
I knew what needed to be done.
A reset was needed.

I knew there were things I would need.
So I gathered them up and stashed them.
I knew there were things that other people needed.
So I laid them out on the beach for the taking.
Maple had already moved out.
So at least I was able to give her a proper goodbye.
But every time I tried to lay something out
Dom would run and get in my way.
I knew he was just playing,
But it broke my heart all the same.
He didn’t know.
None of them knew.
That they were about to be reset.

After everyone said their thanks and left,
I took a lap around the island.
To the drive-in theater that always plays the same movie.
To the baseball diamond that never housed a game.
To the campsite that was hardly utilized.
To the library with books that were never read.
It all seems so hollow
And yet full of life at the same time.
Because I made it.
I have memories of making it
And I was proud to be the one that made it.
But now I’ve gone too far.
There’s no going back.
And I have nothing but time to make it all over again.
Without thinking thrice, I said goodbye
And did the reset.

I went to the desk several times.
To reset the reset.
And when that reset didn’t meet my standards,
I would reset again.
The fruit was lame.
My neighbors were ugly.
Reset. Reset. Reset.
And after a day of resetting it came to me.
The perfect place
To invite all of my old friends to.
With hills sculpted by the Gods
And rivers that run on perfect zigzags.
The peninsula has girth.
And the fruit is bootylicious.
This is the place.
This is Cape Coze.

I know there’s a lot of work to be done.
That’s why I did it in the first place.
Complacency breeds apathy
And my world is ever-changing.
Although it’s for the better,
I can’t help but feel helpless.
If I’m going to embrace these changes
With flabby arms wide open,
A reset was needed.

So I pick up my shovel and start digging.

– TeeCoZee