Day 337: Baseball Haikus – Dodgers at Mets 08/14/2021

Mozz sticks on my tongue
Sun beams on my greasy face
Totally worth it

There’s a breeze tonight.
So much better than last night.
Thanks so much, weather.

Do you ever feel
Like a cotton candy bag
Driving through the wind


Ah, a leadoff walk
Appropriate for his name
Got out of it tho

It’s Sad Boi Cody
Just sulking in center field
As his buzz wears off

Storm clouds rolling in.
Hopefully bringing no rain
And just cool breezes

Sitting on the can
Watching Cabrera get hit
My foot is in pee

Billy McKinney
Wants to get a revenge hit
But strikes out instead

Top of the 7th: Dodgers 1, Mets 1

A no-hitter bid
Turned into a tie ballgame
Because I jinxed it

Top of the 8th: Doyers 1, Los Mets 1

Buehler’s early jam
Turned into a total flop
The edge of my seat

Beaty shark doo doo
Doo doo doo doo Beaty shark
Doo doo doo doo doo

Top of the 10th: Kings 1, Rangers 1

Some more free baseball
But my stomach still gurgles
I want to go home

Final: Lakers 2, Knicks 1

Made a big mistake
Trying to get an Uber
Trains are much faster

– TeeCoZee & RachWynn