Day 320: Baseball Haikus – Renegades at Cyclones 08/03/2021

Just a quick lil vape
Before singing the anthem
Dudes got lungs of steel

They brought DVDs
To peruse between innings
Coney Island, man.

He’s the hometown boy
Born and raised in Canarsie
Living out his dream

Top of the 3rd: Renegades 1, Cyclones 0

The DVD guys
Are dropping the wrong F Bombs
We want to punch them

Jose Peraza
Completely shattered his bat
And hit the pitcher

Relish won the race.
He is truly relishing
His sweet victory.

Jose Peroza
He’s not Jose Peraza
That was my mistake

Phone up to his face
I don’t know how he can see
Or live with himself

Zachary Ashford
He’s in Rachel’s “Boy Stable”
For his music taste

Top of the 8th: Hudson Valley 4, Brooklyn 0

The butt lock is real
It’s seeping into my bones
I need to stand up

Final: Baby Yankees 4, Baby Mets 0

Only got one hit
And I choked on a hotdog
Still had a great day

– TeeCoZee