Day 316: Baseball Haikus – Braves at Mets 07/28/2021

It’s Tylor Megill
He only throws balls and fouls
No strikes for this dude

Oh, sweet baby Nimms.
We missed your dumb toothy smile
And running on walks

Triple fisting bevs
That’s the only life she knows
One of refreshment

He’s got his Cubs jerz
And beer opener sandals.
My mans is ready.

Top of the 3rd: Braves 0, Mets 0

He explains baseball
In a loud and scathing tone
And yet, he’s still wrong


Want to correct him
But I don’t want to converse
This is my burden


Tylor Megill swung
And got a first pitch single.
Happy birthday, dude.

God damn, Conforto
Your average isn’t average.
I will not miss you.

There is just no point
Trying to beat the machine
All he does is flip

Top of the 6th: Barves 1, Metropolitans 1

He covers his ears
As his dad screams over him
Feel bad for the kid

Leaving Max Fried in
So he can ground out to short
And blow the tie game

Dipshits trumped the Braves
And brought Familia in
With 2 men on base

Bottom of the 8th: Falcons 1, Jets 2

Face buried in glove
The kid in front of me winced
Jeurys got the hold

Final: Blooper 1, Mr Met 2

Cue the damn trumpets
Diaz came into the ninth
And got the damn save

– TeeCoZee