Day 307: 372 Words About “Working Girl”

The day has come where I force people to pick writing prompts for me. I guess you might call it, “Thursday”. I still don’t really have a better name for it. Whatever. Today’s prompt comes from my wonderful sister, Nicole. She wants me to write 372 words about the film, “Working Girl”. This should be easy, because I have definitely seen that movie before…

Ah yes, Working Girl. My mom used to watch that one Lifetime. Cybill Shepherd is a lawyer or journalist. She’s really witty and totally on top of her shit, but she’s also a single Mom. So she spends her time trying to raise her kids while also kicking ass in a man’s world.

Err, no, that’s Murphy Brown. And it wasn’t Cybill Shepherd, it was Candice Bergen, who I believe is the same person? Shit…

Oh, right! Working Girl! That’s the one where Madonna has amnesia and Griffin Dunne drags her around Manhattan, trying to make her remember herself. I know this, because Nicole saw it in the theater the day I was born. So I have a very distinct cosmic connection with Working Girl.

Actually, no, that was “Who’s That Girl?”. And the plot I had in mind was actually a mashup of that and “Desperately Seeking Susan”. What I don’t get is why there would be a movie about amnesia not called “Who’s That Girl?”. Also, with the inclusion of Overboard, Hollywood in the 80’s was really into women with amnesia…

Of course! Working Girl! That’s the one where Julia Roberts is the hooker with the heart of gold and—-

Nope, that’s “Pretty Woman”. Maybe I haven’t seen Working Girl. My whole life, I’ve felt like I’ve seen it. I could probably make up the plot off the top of my head and be close. Let me take a few shots:

A. Working Girl is a spiritual sequel to Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. It’s a comedy musical based solely off the Dolly Parton song, “9 to 5”. Wait. That’s already a movie. Disregard.

B. Some lonely teenagers make a robot woman to take them to prom. It’s called Working Girl because it takes most of the movie for the girl to work properly. Hijinks ensue while she fails to do everyday tasks.

C. A woman with curly blonde hair works at an office. She wears a bunch of power pants suits and rises to the top of the company while also falling in love with a foxy co-worker, probably played by Harrison Ford or Mickey Rourke.

Are any of them close? Let’s go to the trailer!

Eh, close enough.

– TeeCoZee