Day 305: It’s Saturday!

I woke up late.

Not too late to be deemed late, but late enough.

I had exactly 2 minutes to leave for work.

No sweat.

I’ll just text my boss and let him know I’ll be a little late.

It’s not like anyone from corporate is going to be around.

After all, it’s Saturday.

Also, all 3 managers are scheduled to work today.

Why we were all scheduled to work on a Saturday, I have no clue, but I don’t get paid to ask questions.

I sit up in bed and think about yesterday.

We had a great Friday, getting some fresh air out of the house, trying a new bar and watching some good live wrestling on TV.

Just a damn good Friday.

But not a good Friday as in Good Friday.

It was no a holiday, just a good day.

But I guess it could’ve been a holiday. It just wasn’t. Or at least not to my knowledge.

I thought about what I would do today. What the process would be. I’d probably do all of my weekend busywork early, but try to coincide it with the Dodger game.

But it says the Dodger game is at 10:10. That’s weird. Most Saturday games are earlier. And you’d think that Fox would broadcast a Giants-Dodgers game. Oh well.

It’ll still be a good Saturday.

I then went to Twitter so I could watch the video.

The video that I watch in bed every Saturday morning.

But that’s odd. It says it was posted 3 days ago. They post it every Saturday.

Then I opened the window and saw no train parked outside.

It dawned on me suddenly.

For the first time in a while, I enjoyed watching Monday Night Raw.

The Dodgers are playing at their normal time because Fox isn’t broadcasting any games.

All 3 managers are scheduled because…

…It’s Tuesday.

Jaw agape, I played the clip again in my head.

Knock that off, you two, it’s time to watch the It’s Saturday video!

We’re not watching the It’s Saturday video today.

What?!? Now, you give me one good reason!

It’s Tuesday!


God damnit, Coze. This is what happens when you go out and have a good Monday.

Like a goddamned fool.

Suddenly rushing, I tell Rachel about my mixup.

She thought it was Wednesday.

We’re both off to a hot start.

What about you?

– TeeCoZee