Day 295: Baseball Haiku Doubleheader – Brewers at Mets 07/07/21

The sweltering heat
Things I do to see deGrom
Like burning my knees

Video’s too long
Already hyped from lineups
But the crowd goes mild

The Nido shuffle
Finding holes where some don’t
And grabbing asses

Ah, that’s a good cloud
Are you bringing friends with you?
That would be real cool.

Bottom of the 6th: Brewers 2, Mets 1

Game chugging quickly
Lindor gets him one more shot
To watch it go by

McNeil walks it off
I scream as loud as I can
And then I fainted


Coming back to life
Sitting in a little shade
That shit was scary

Ready for game two
Goddamnit, I missed these seats
My old stomping grounds

It’s Tyrone Taylor
Never met a camera
That he didn’t break

“Time to get rowdy”
That is what the Brewers said
So they made the trade

Top of the 3rd: Pilots 2, Metropolitans 0

Fucking Yankee fans
Invaded our great section
To scream in my ear

Dominic, The Smith
Leaping grab into the net
We don’t deserve him


Mentioning contracts
Is the most Yankee fan thing
You could ever do

The Phil Collins cam
Less creepy than other cams
But the bar is low

Bradley Boxberger
Pitched himself into a box
But got no burger

Final: Brew Crew 5, Miracles 0

Brain barely buzzing
A long day at the ballpark
It’s worth the heat stroke

– TeeCoZee