Day 288: Baseball Haikus – Angels at Yankees 6/30/2021

Trying to warm up
The paparazzi follows
No moments alone

Master of the mound
Blasts moonshots almost nightly
Shohei Ohtani

Top of the 2nd: Angels 2, Yankees 7

It fell apart quick
Walking everyone in sight
He’s already out


Panic setting in
Drunk dude yelling in my ear
Eyesight gets blurry

Bottom of the 2nd: Halos 3, Bummers 7

The panic subsides
As he stops to talk to girls
Relief for my ears

Their Row One Seat One
Belongs to a chain-link fence
Yet it’s still “my seat”

Darker clouds looming
The air quickly turns cold
Rain is a-coming


Open up, it did
It gave torrential downpours
We’re instantly soaked


Instant rain delay
While we struggle to exit
Breaking fire codes


Can’t find my way out
The hallways are like mazes
Designed by assholes

Empty train car home
The luxury of leaving
In the 3rd inning

Final: Angels 11, Yankees 8

1:30 AM
Stomach full of Taco Bell
I’m glad to be home

– TeeCoZee