Day 282: Because I Need To Finish This Before Work [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

This week, I started making active steps towards improving my mental health. One of those steps that I’m taking upon myself is recognizing the things that bring me anxiety and try to mitigate them. Since I’ve begun this writing project, there’s been many days when I just can’t get anything done before work. I usually chalk it up to sleeping too late, being uninspired or just plain lazy. Going into work knowing that I need to find the time to get my writing done has been a huge source of my anxiety. So now I’m determined to always be done before I leave the house, quality or length of content be damned. With that said, shit, I really need to hurry. Quick, here’s some lists for your face!

5) Top 5 Muffins

5) Pistachio
4) English
3) Banana Walnut
2) Blueberry
1) Carrot Cream Cheese

Don’t even try to offer me a raisin bran or corn muffin. I’m not eating any muffin that sounds like cereal. That’s a general rule of thumb that has kept me alive and happy today.

4) Top 5 toys that Willy plays with

5) Corndog
4) Christmas tree
3) Strawberry
2) Burrito
1) Mouse

These are all just random nonsense objects that were turned into cat toys. This goes to show that you can make a toy out of anything and a cat will enjoy it. They all serve their own purposes. The corndog has some frilly shit on the end. The christmas tree is wide and flat. The strawberry flies across the room. The burrito is the perfect snuggle companion. And the mouse…well…I have no idea why he likes the mouse so much. Must be the artisanal catnip inside.

3) Top 5 nicknames for a home run

5) Moonshot
4) Went Yard
3) Dinger
2) Donger
1) Piss Missile

It’s not used very often, but whenever someone refers to a tank as a piss missile, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s so simple, yet so descriptive. It does everything it needs to do. It’s perfect, yet most of its appeal comes from the fact that it’s not over-used. Just like everything else in life.

2) Top 5 Pink Floyd albums

5) A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
4) The Final Cut
3) Dark Side Of The Moon
2) The Wall
1) Animals

I may have outgrown Pink Floyd over a decade ago, but god damnit is Animals a good album. From beginning to end, it just flows so perfectly. Also, I do not apologize for putting The Final Cut on this list. I realize that it’s not a real Floyd album, but it holds a very close place in my heart. Unlike Wish You Were Here, which I feel like is criminally overrated. It’s disjointed, dated and gets way too much credit. My opinions are the only ones that matter to me, so if you disagree, that’s on you, Zach.

1) Top 5 new pictures in my camera roll






And look at that! I still have 15 minutes to spare! I guess I’ll go eat a muffin, throw a toy at Willy, set my fantasy lineup and set my Spotify queue.

Have a productive week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee