Day 272: Baseball Haikus – Cubs at Mets 06/16/21

Looking down below
There’s a lot of bald people
Must be a Queens thing

Simple kind of man
I still hate that fucking song
But deGrom likes it

*Rizzo is on deck
That’s not the on deck circle
Move the fuck over*

Number 89
His four seam is 89
He is 89

Jose Lobs A Ton
But I guess he doesn’t tho
‘Cuz he has no stats

Bottom of the 4th: Cubs 1, Mets 3

Crowd is deflated
They came to see Jake deGrom
But got Reid-Foley

Stoned teens to my right
Talking loudly bout nothing
Just fucking kill me

Bottom of the 7th: Baby Bears 1, Metropolitans 6

Seventh inning stretch
The feeling of sweet relief
For my numb booty


She can’t follow caps
Her vision is too shitty
For citi vision

Final Score: Wrigleyville 3, Flushing 6

A decisive win
But we’re all still in mourning
Waiting test results

– TeeCoZee (*and RachWynn*)