Day 268: Because Complicated Sushi’s For Suckers [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

I had a whole introduction written for this. It was about the pandemic being seemingly over. But then I deleted it, because as much as I believe that we’re almost in the clear, I believe moreso in jinxes. So instead, here’s an introduction explaining why I deleted the introduction. That was it. That was the introduction. HERE’S SOME LISTS.

5) Top 5 Sushi Rolls

5) Tuna Avocado Roll

4) Peanut Roll

3) Shrimp Tempura Roll

2) Spicy Tuna Roll

1) Salmon Avocado Roll

I’m a simple dude. I like simple things. I don’t like confusing movies, I order my hamburgers medium, I wear jeans every day and when it comes to my sushi, I don’t need your mango jalapeño yellowfin spider roll bullshit. Just give me three ingredients tops and its alright with me. Anything more than that is just showing off. There’s no need to show off when you’re already serving me raw fish. You’ve done quite enough.

4) Top 5 Office Supplies

5) Thumbtacks

4) Tape

3) Stapler

2) Paper

1) Pen

What? Did you expect me to be working in an office that endorsed post-it notes, paperclips and pencils? Fuck outta here. That’s a clown-ass office.

3) Top 5 Coins

5) Half Dollars

4) Dimes

3) Nickels

2) Pennies

1) Quarters

I made this list just to spite dollar coins. Screw dollar coins. Whenever I’m expecting change from a machine and I hear those clanks, it takes all I have to not punch the damn thing. We don’t need two kinds of dollars. Paper is fine!

2) Top 5 Things That I Missed This Week

5) That show on Monday that I don’t watch anymore

4) The wastebasket

3) deGrom’s start on Friday

2) Several trains

1) Susan Wynn’s 80th Birthday Party

When I married Rachel, I went from having 0 grandmas to 1. I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it works, but it feels great to have a Grandma in my life again, especially one that’s such an amazing human as her. And instead of celebrating her birthday with the family, I was stuck at work, taking apart a laminator. I truly feel awful that I didn’t take today off for it. To make it up to her, I promised to not write about wrestling today. I still don’t feel like that’s doing enough, but that’s on me.

1) Top 5 New Pictures In My Camera Roll






I know, I know. Two of the pictures are of the same meme format. But what can I say? It’s the meme format of the week. Or at least I think it is?

Have a repetitive week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee