Day 253: Baseball Haikus – Rockies vs Mets

Vizzy Hard Seltzer
Tastes of booze and butt berries
Straight to stomach ache

Top of the 2nd: Rockies 0, Mets 0

James McCann, baby
More like James McWillGoYard
Flies out to right field

Raimel Tapia
Looks like he stole some candy
And then second base

Top of the 3rd – Colorado 2, New York 0

Hate to see him go
But I love to watch him leave
Charlie Blackmon, man*

“CJ Cron’s disease“
“Gotta keep that Crons in check”
“Oh my God, stop it”

Cameron Maybin
Will he ever get a hit?
Maybin, just maybin.

No Cavity Zone
Right next to the Coke corner
Seems problematic

Top of the 6th – Coors 3, Coors Seltzer 0

Versus the machine
You can’t beat a video
At flipping tires

Some giggling girls
Ogled over James McCann
As he mashed one out

Final – Avalanche 3, Islanders 2

A very quick game
With a whole lot of booing
A standard Monday

– TeeCoZee *and RachWynn