Day 246: Baseball Haikus – Renegades vs Cyclones

Slow concession stands
Nobody is in a rush
So we’ll miss first pitch

Joe “The Nord” Genord
Couldn’t finish his at-bat
Avorded The Nord

Middle of the 2nd: Renegades 0, Cyclones 0

Stolen base challenge
Doing what the players can’t
They need more hustle

A plush Pistol Pete
You can show me on the doll
Where he got injured

Cam Opp’s getting lit
He’s got no -ortunities
But a kid believes

“Mind if I sit here?
My lens is bigger than yours.
Don’t quit your day job”

Bottom of the 4th: Hudson Valley 5, Brooklyn 0

Screams in the distance
From nearby roller coasters
All downhill from here

It’s Blake Tibieri
I heard “Liv Tyler Perry”
I suck at hearing

7th Inning Stretch: Fishkill 5, Coney Island 1

Mr Bucket Hat
Patchy beard and stumbling down
To greet the mascot

“We love you, Pee-Wee
I just wanted to tell you
That we love you, man”

Top of the 8th: Catskills 5, Junkies 3

“If you do fasting
Then eat whatever you want.
You’ll lose weight so fast” *

Take him to Pasteur
Flies out after 3 pitches
Frasier is on soon

Donate to Heartshare
It’s like Uber for organs
Beats the Black Market

Bottom of the 9th: Raccoons 5, Gulls 3

Summon a rally
“Zorba The Greek” was cut short
“No gyros for you”

Final Score: Rivers 5, Beaches 3

Out with a whimper
But at least traffic is light
Some silver linings

– TeeCoZee [*and RachWynn]