Day 243: Into The Slog

Into the slog

The mountain goes much higher

And I’m too far lost in it

To even notice how far I’ve come


Into the slog

Ideas are harder to grasp

Words turn into mush

As I mash them into the ether


Into the slog

But the numbers keep counting

They’re starting to lose all meaning

As I feel like I’ve been stuck on the same one forever


Into the slog

The dog days of the process

Grasping at straws

And begging for inspiration


Into the slog

Like the 164th page of Infinite Jest

When you realize that there’ll be no tangible ending

And you just want to get out while you still have your sanity


Into the slog

And I know you’ve been feeling it, too

The desperation bleeds onto the page

Dragging you down in it


Into the slog

But at least I have a slog to be in

Every grind brings something new

And every new thing is worth existing in its own way


Into the slog

But you’ve been with me this whole time

You’ve been my partner to wade in the muck

And figure out what works and what doesn’t


Into the slog

But I know it’ll get better

There’s still so many things I’ve yet to say

I just need to figure out how to say them


Into the slog

Take a deep breath and plunge with me

The hard part is over

And there’s a light at the end of the tunnel


Into the slog

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Than in front of a keyboard

Grinding out words for you to read

– TeeCoZee