Day 239: Baseball Haikus – Marlins at Dodgers

Top of the 1st, Marlins 0, Dodgers 0

Oh, Clayton Kershaw
Getting out of early trubbs
With backdoor sliders

Don’t need front row seats
Or even a big TV
Just a comfy chair

Forget what I said
Had to switch to the big screen
To watch Muncy’s bomb

Middle of the 3rd: Fish 4, Bridegrooms 8

Kershaw lets four score
It’s already garbage time
He loves run support

John effing Curtiss
The extra “S” is for sasss
That “S” is typo

Bottom of the 6th: Miami 5, Los Angeles 8

Too close for comfort
Thank you, Vernors and bourbon
For calming my nerves

Goddamnit, Mookie
Your defense is way better
Than my photo skills

“And here is Raley”
Sounds like he said “Israeli”
He hit a ground out

Top of the 8th: Dolphins 5, Rams 9

Broken bat singles
And little bloops to right field
No lead is enough

He’s feeling froggy
Cutter hits 97
California love

Final: Bottom Feeders 6, Trolley Dodgers 9

A nice final score
That was a sex number joke
Is the slump over?

– TeeCoZee