Day 233: Because You Should Be Spending Time With Your Mom Instead [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

It’s Mother’s Day. There’s probably better things you should be doing with your life than reading lists. Like hanging out with Mom. Or at least calling her. So I’m not going to waste much of your time. I’d rather not waste any of your time at all, but since you’re already here, have some quick lists with no explanations or justifications.

5) Top 5 Flowers

5) Hyacinths

4) Lillies

3) Daisies

2) Peonies

1) Tulips

4) Top 5 Dishes My Mom Makes

5) Swedish meatballs

4) Macaroni Salad

3) Pizza

2) Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

1) Chicken Tetrazzini

3) Top 5 Movies I’d Watch With My Mom If I Was Home

5) My Best Friends Wedding [I guess]

4) An Officer And A Gentleman

3) Tango & Cash

2) Pretty Woman

1) Overboard

2) Top 5 Things I Miss About My Mom

5) Her smile

4) Her laugh

3) Chicken Tetrazzini

2) The way she rolls her eyes when my Dad and/or I make a bad joke

1) Her hug

1) Top 5 New Pictures In My Camera Roll






What can I say? I miss my Mom. And I’m overjoyed that I get to see her in a few days. I know a lot of people don’t have that benefit. I’m very fortunate and privileged. I feel for those people that can’t see their mother. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. She’s the ever-comforting voice that assures me the sun will come up tomorrow. She’s my #1 fan. She’s the reason why I do half of the things I do. And I hope you feel the same way about yours. So if you’re fortunate enough to see your Mom today, make sure you cherish every goddamn moment. Because a lot of us wish we could do the same. I’ll stop wasting your time. Go see your Mom. Or call her. Or think about her. Or all three things.

Happy Mother’s Day!

– TeeCoZee