Day 222: Baseball Haikus – Red Sox at Mets

Top 1: Red Sox 0, Mets 0

Short bearded hosers
Hanging out with their mothers
Having a Wednesday

Top 2: Sawx 0, Mets 0

Mound trip already
Tried to get their bearings straight
Wasting leadoff walks

Bottom 3: Soox 1, Metz 0

Kid mashing taters
Trying to win free chicken
Twenty baseballs gone

Top 4: Sonx 1, Metropolitans 0

Vapers in boat shoes
Leg sweat dripping in their beer
Balls may be showing

Bottom 5: Socks 1, Meets 0

Maskless in the line
Two laughing joking numb nuts
Bro downs are abound

Top 6: Smocks 1, Mess, 0

The truck’s off the field
He doesn’t want to be there
Blanked on Bob Stanley

Top 7: Stockings 1, Nets 0

He fouled a ball off
Then swung wildly at nothing
Stop booing Lindor

Bottom 8: Sweet Caroline 1, Piano Man 0

Her buttocks won’t quit
Her ponytail in the wind
God bless Mrs Met

Top 9: Pats 1, Jets 0

Haters going home
Sick of yelling at players
We’re sick of them, too

Final: Red Sox 1, Mets 0

On the train ride home
Sunken faces speak softly
Still gotta believe