Day 212: Because I Might As Well Take The R Train [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

Another weekend comes and the N train is fucking broken again. Big surprises. This time, instead of slingshotting in the wrong direction first, I’m just gonna take the 12 minute hike to the R train. At least this way, I have a one-seat ride to work. Also, as a bonus, I saw a dude peeing on the tracks and I get to wait a whole 11 minutes for the train! Swell! So while I wait for the R[are] train, here’s some damn lists!

5) Best Local Trains

5) R – Because it beats riding the N slingshot

4) 6 – Because it has a monopoly on the East Side

3) F – Because it’s reliable-ish

2) W – Because I actually use it

1) C – Because everyone hates it

You will never be able to change my mind. The C is the best train exclusively because everyone avoids it like the plague. You can stretch out, do your thing, be yourself. Some of the best commutes I ever had were on the C train. Sometimes, there’s benefits to being contrarian.

4) Top 5 Pack Pulls From MLB The Show 21

5) Francisco Lindor

4) Bruce Hooper

3) Jose Ramirez

2) 2016 Josh Donaldson

1) Francisco Lindor

That’s right. I got Francisco Lindor twice. I sold the second one for Seager and Griffey. Now my team is already intimidating to the point that people might quit before they realize that I totally suck!

3) Top 5 Cheeseburger Toppings

5) Bacon

4) Pickles

3) Lettuce

2) Onions

1) Mushrooms & Swiss

It’s such a typical move to put egg on the list. Everybody talks about how good egg is on a burger, yet I never see anybody do it. It’s hardly even on menus anymore.

2) Top 5 Moments From The DodgersPadres Series So Far

5) Justin Turner’s 9th inning donger

4) The benches clearing in extra innings

3) David Price getting a sac RBI off of Jake Cronenworth, fielded by Joe Musgrove

2) Seager’s go ahead shot in the 12th

1) Mookie’s walkoff 5-Star catch

The last two nights have been separate works of art. On Friday, you had your offensive-heavy 5 hour roller coaster. Last night, you had an old-fashioned pitchers duel. I don’t know how they’re going to top it with today’s sequel. And, you know, the other 16+ games they do later this year. Baseball is the best.

1) Top 5 New Pictures In My Camera Roll






Obviously, number one was going to be baseball related. What else is there to think about 24/7? Wrestling? Work? The dog puking on the train I front of me, decidedly ruining a woman’s purse? Blasphemy!

Have a ground rule double of a week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee