Day 208: Bev of the Week – Sonic Slushes

It’s a slow day at the drive-in. The traffic on the way might’ve told you otherwise. But despite your greatest fears, the gridlocked cars have better things to do and places to be at 3:00 on a Wednesday. You pull in and there are multiple free stalls. Phew. You park next to a car with Ohio plates, as it’s a sign that they know what they’re doing.

The voice crackles on the box, asking what you would like. You order your deconstructed chicken parm: popcorn chicken and mozzarella sticks. You got it. You also ask for a New York Hot Dog. They ask what kind. You say, “New York Hot Dog”. They ask, but really, what kind.

“New York”

“But what kind…plain?”

“Uhh…sur—what kinds are there?”

“There’s Chicago, Chili Cheese, New York, co—“

“I would like a New York Hot Dog”

“What kind?”

“New York.”

“Okay, anything else?”

Oh wow. You almost forgot. The slush.

Ohhhhh, the slush.

It’s literally the reason why you’re out on Long Island. As the deep-fried food gets stuck in your throat, there’s nothing better to wash it down than a chunky, sugary beverage. It helps dislodge the oily cheese and soothes your throat all the way down.

There’s just something so satisfying about a Sonic slush. Probably because it’s the only slush you can get, outside of going to an ice cream stand. But going to an ice cream stand to buy a slush is a foolish act that you never want to partake in. It doesn’t matter what flavor you choose. Grape, peach, cherry-lime, Dragonfruit Red Bull, you can’t go wrong. Or maybe you can. But you’re not an idiot. You’re an adult genius, getting stringy cheese on your chin.

Feel that pain in your chest? Yes, that means it’s working. You’ve heard of heartburn and brain freeze. Sonic slushes gives you heart freeze. It happens when you eat a bunch of oily products and then copious amounts of ice. Accept no substitutes. Cherish the pain. You deserve it.

And back out into traffic again. People slam on their horns and press their chins on the steering wheel. But not you. No. You’re just sitting there comfortably, in the zone, sipping on your slush. Life is good. Congratulations. You just won the game of Wednesday.

– TeeCoZee