Day 207: A Nice, Warm Bed

A nice, warm bed
That’s what awaits me
Theres an imprint of where my body should be
And a loving wife right next to it
But I’ve been sitting up too long
On the cold, porcelain thinking chair
I’m now much too awake for a nice, warm bed

The day needs to start
There’s a lot of things that await me
My commute is going to be super long
And I have a blank page to fill before that
But those responsibilities drift away
At the sight of a nice, warm bed
It’s much too comfortable for the day to start yet

In the damp, clammy armpit
That’s been waiting for me to rest my head on
This is where I belong
And I can stay as long as I like
But now she needs to use the bathroom
Leaving me alone and to my own devices
Pretending the pillow is a damp, clammy armpit

A nice, warm bed
There’s a world of chaos that awaits me
The bathroom smells toxic
And the cat puked on the couch
But all I can do is sprawl out
Cooing in my bubble of comfort
I’m so glad I went back to the nice, warm bed

– TeeCoZee