Day 170: Because IT’S TAZ! [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

This probably doesn’t surprise you, but when I’m looking for ideas, I turn to Rachel a lot. I’m also at the mercy of her ideas because as soon as I reject one, I won’t get another for weeks. Knowing damn well that today is Top 5 Top 5 Sunday, Rachel gave me an un-listy idea. She wanted me to incorporate Taz as much as humanly possible. And I took this challenge head-on. For the 72% of you who don’t know who Taz is, I apologize. I’m also not going to explain who Taz is. So, here’s some lists. Also, IT’S TAZ!

5) Top 5 Lines From Wrestling Youtube Shows That Rachel And I Can’t Stop Randomly Saying

5) It’s time for your main event

4) Do you have time for Raw?

3) Fuckin bullshit

2) Steeeve, what bar is ______?

1) IT’S TAZ!

To be fair, all of these quotes are derived from only two shows. The rest of them aren’t that quotable.

4) Top 5 Sounds To Make When You Grab A Boob

5) Meep meep

4) Arooooooga

3) Hornk hornk

2) [unintelligible]

1) IT’S TAZ!

Obviously, I only condone you to do this after you get permission to grab said boob. But be forewarned: you will lose permission after those sounds are made.

3) Top 5 Future Cat Names

5) Phil

4) Pedro Meowtinez

3) Bo

2) Sega

1) Taz

To be fair, Sega is already the name of one of our appliances. But Willy is going to outlive that appliance. This is because he’s allegedly immortal.

2) Top 5 Color Commentators Currently Working

5) El Phantasmo

4) Keith Hernandez

3) Corey Graves

2) Orel Hershiser

1) Taz

I only wrote this list because I needed to incorporate Taz somehow. My opinions are probably not correct but I feel pretty good about them. Carry on.

5) Top 5 New Pictures In My Camera Roll






Welp. There’s not much else to say. Other than, “IT’S TAZ!”

Have a Taz week everyone.

– TeeCoZee